The Zoo Kids

The Zoo Kids
Finally Together

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Mei Recovering

Mei is in very little pain today. We are not using a lot of the pain meds. Praise the Lord!!!! Thanks for the prayers!!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Home Sweet Home

We are home now! Thanks for all the calls and contacts with many of you praying for us during Mei's surgery. Prayerfully, in 4 weeks we will be getting Mei fitted for his new prosthetics! Stayed tuned for more!

On another note...we are reviewing the home study this week before we finally submit the finished product. This will allow us to take a giant leap forward in the next adoption process! Keep praying!!!

Update on Mei's Recovery - The Morning After

Mei slept off and on last night. He definitely needs the pain meds right now. They are saying we should be out of here today - hopefully sometime around noon.

My observation: Mei is at about 50% pain and 50% ticked - he is ticked because he has this cast on his leg and realizes that he can't get his prosthetics on and walk/run around like this. At times I wonder if he is not about 75% ticked and 25% pain.

He will come back to see the doctor in 4 weeks. Hopefully at that time, if the healing has gone well, he will be fitted for his new prosthetics. His new prosthetics will be much lighter, more manageable, and more expensive. Mei should be able to run around much better in the new and more permanent legs.

Thanks for the prayers. We will keep the updates coming periodically.