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The Zoo Kids
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Friday, September 7, 2012

Pray With Us

We would really covet your prayers over the next few months. We know what God has called us to isn't easy, adoption is hard and comes from grief, abandonment, and brokenness. As awesome and joyful as Mei is now, the adjustment and attachment with him was still a process. We expected with him that he'd run into our wide open arms thanking us for rescuing him from a gosh awful orphanage...much to our dismay, he was a very sad, heartbroken, grieving little boy who just wanted to go back to the only home he'd ever known. Regardless of how terrible or dire the child's situation may be, that is still home.

This time we are going in with eyes wide open from the wisdom we gleaned from the first time around. I have been poring over blogs and reading books to attempt to prepare our family to bring home older children, which will bring its own share of challenges. We learned really quick with Mei that adoption isnt plan A...plan A would be that the mommy and daddy that created that baby would be raising them. Adoption is so plan B and is born of unfathomable grief, abandonment, neglect, and pain. These orphaned children are experiencing this at an age where their greatest worry should be what lullaby mommy or daddy are using to sing them to sleep that night or what goodnight story is being read.

Please be in prayer for Eli, he is about to leave everything he has ever known to come half way around the world to join our family. He has been with the same foster family since he was 18 mths old. He will surely be homesick and heartbroken. Pray specifically that God will give us wisdom as we love him through his grief. Pray that his attachment and immersion into our family would be smooth and quick. Pray that our children would accept him as their brother and he would likewise feel an immediate part of our family. Pray for him as he has never darkened the door of a church and for us as we begin to guide him in our faith after being taught atheism and communism in school. Pray for wisdom for us as we have his medical needs evaluated. He was born with a heart defect that has been corrected but we will still have tests run to confirm that the information in his file is correct. Pray for wisdom for us as well that God would lead us as we make decisions about his education.

Please pray for Zoe as well. Last we talked to her foster home, she hadn't been told she was being adopted. As we sit on this side of the world so excited about bringing her home, she is sitting in devastation over leaving the only family she has ever known. She has been in the same foster family since se was a year old. Pray for her as well that her attachment and adjustment to us would be smooth. Pray for her tender heart, for her emotions, pray she'd be able to embrace us and the kids as her new family. We haven't disclosed a lot about her medical needs, we want that to be her story one day, but please pray for us as we seek out the best doctors to oversee her care. She will need to be on medication for the rest of her life which we understand can be pretty costly, please pray for God's provision there as we seek ways to fund her medicine.

God has been so faithful so far and will continue to be. We trust in his power that is made perfect in our weakness. We started this adoption process with an obvious call to bring THESE two children home and a $60000 need. God has provided in such amazing ways and his hand has been all over this process. We are so close to being fully funded which we aren't sure exactly what that number is yet...we are still waiting to hear if we will need to be there two weeks or three(most likely three since we are adopting two kids from different provinces) and we won't know exactly when we will travel until about a week or two before we are told to go so airfare will be last minute. We are hoping to take our older kids with us to facilitate bonding between the older kids so that's another unknown expense with hotels, food, and airfare. We still have Mei shirts available so please continue sharing our need and praying for God to fully fund us...He knows exactly what we need!

Thank you so much for the prayers and support as you join us on this adoption journey!