The Zoo Kids

The Zoo Kids
Finally Together

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Surgery Update

Mei made it through surgery fine. He has been awake a few times since and is in lots of pain. They are trying to get his pain medication balanced so we can keep him as comfortable as possible.

He has been able to eat a few bites of mac & cheese and that is GREAT! Mommy is getting ready to head to the hotel to sleep while daddy stays the night at the hospital, watching Disney channel and trying to sleep when he can.


Talking to other families here at Children's Hospital really helps keep things in perspective. A family in the elevator had been in the hospital for 4 months. They were elated that they were leaving today and finally going home.

I spoke with one lady while waiting in line for dinner. Her 5 month old son stopped breathing and his heart quit beating on New Year's day for a little over an hour. The doctors were ready to give up on him coming back when all of the sudden his little heart started beating again. When I asked her if the doctors had detected any brain damage at this point she said it was too early to tell. We both agreed that it didn't matter either way - they still had their little miracle boy with them and that is all that mattered. What a story. PERSPECTIVE!

Mei Surgery

Please pray for Mei's surgery today! They are working on his tibia bone on the right leg. This is another step in the process to salvage his right knee! Updates to come...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cool Kids

Tonight during our family Bible time our 9 year old raised his hand and said he needed to go to his room and get something. When I asked what he said it would surprise us. He came back with money he had gotten for his birthday and said, "This is to help with the adoption." After our Bible time he was helping his little sister scrounge up money from her room to help! How cool is that?

Needing Affirmation

We recently began praying for affirmation with this new adoption process (like two days ago). We feel confident that we should continue working to bring Eli home, but are realizing that the decision to pursue Zoe may have been a little compulsive and not bathed in prayer. So we now find ourselves moving forward with Eli while seeking the Lord's will for us with Zoe (Proverbs 3:5-6).

Before we started the process with Eli we were going to try to bring home another boy, but that did not work out. That boy and Eli just happened to be best friends. Well...that boy is now in the states. We have always thought that it would be a great thing if we could try to keep Eli and his best friend from China in touch with each other after we get him home. The mother of the other boy contacted Shannon via email yesterday with new pictures of Eli for us. She expressed her desire to keep her son (Luke) and Eli in touch with each other after we get him home. They live in Birmingham, AL just one hour from my folks. How cool will it be for Eli to get to see his best friend from China - especially if he were able to be waiting at the airport in ATL when we fly back in with him. The Lord's plan continues to unfold for Eli.

Although we continue moving forward with Eli we are taking a step back with Zoe to seek the Lord's will. We have grown so fond of this beautiful little girl with such a great smile. Her picture is engraved in our minds and on our heart. The thought of not bringing her home crushes us, but at the same time we want to make sure we don't overload ourselves to the point that we cannot give our children the love and attention they need from their mommy and daddy (and even writing that makes me think, but at least they would all have a mommy and daddy and a family to call their own).

Lord, please speak to our hearts. I know you hear the cries of your children and I believe in my heart that if we don't bring Zoe home you will take care of her. I also believe that if we do you will give us what we need to be the parents we need to be for all our children. Please make your will clear for us. We want to follow. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

PS - Please, as we pray through this process join us in praying. I know many of you may want to express your opinions on either side of this decision, but I prayerfully ask you to just pray for us as we seek the Lord's will. We are so thankful for your prayers and desperately want to hear clearly from the Lord on this.