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The Zoo Kids
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Friday, January 21, 2011

Mei's Medical Process Begins

Shannon and I traveled to South Carolina to Shriners Hospital and then to Atlanta to Children's Hospital this past week to have Mei looked at by the doctors there. Here is the short version of where we are:

We are looking at working with the folks at Scottish Rite Children's Hospital in ATL. They want to take a more conservative approach with Mei's legs. We don't have the final word just yet, but more than likely Mei will have to have his legs amputated at his ankles. He is missing the fibula on both legs which is causing him to walk  more and more on the sides of his feet until eventually he would be walking on the bottom of his tibia bone. Since he only  has the three inner toes on both feet he does not have enough stability in the foot to justify going through multiple surguries to insert rods to lengthen and strengthen his legs. With prosthetics he will be able to run and play and do just about anything he wants to do in life.

So the hard part is getting through the initial process of having the procedure done. The crazy thing is that they say he will only be in the hospital for a night maybe two after the surgery. He will have 6-8 weeks after the surgery before we can fit him with his prosthetics and then 4-6 months before he will be running around better than ever.

We are hoping to have the procedure done in April sometime.

We will continue updating the blog along the way and appreciate all the prayers!