The Zoo Kids

The Zoo Kids
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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

God is Working AGAIN God is always working though we don't always notice or see what He is doing. Every now and then, however, He makes it VERY clear that He is up to something!!! Listen to this miracle:

So, Shannon and I heard the Lord telling us about a week ago that we needed to move forward with trying to bring Eli home. So we did the only thing we know to do...we said, "Yes, Lord!" and moved forward. A few days later we decided to do a double dip and try to bring a little six year old girl home at the same time. This little girl has an amazing story to be shared and we look forward to being a part of her story. Soon we will be able to share much more.

Here is God at work: We were told earlier this week that we would need an extra $10-$12 thousand dollars to bring the little girl home (we will call her Zoe, which means "life") along with Eli. This morning I received a call from a friend of mine in Alabama. His wife noticed we were adopting again after Shannon posted something about it yesterday. My friend was praying this morning about how they could help us and the Lord said, "we are in for 10!" I thought he was saying they were moved to try to adopt some kids and get their numbers up to 10 kids, but he was saying they were going to send us $10,000 to help with the adoption.

We are more committed now to bringing both these children home because we believe the Lord has already taken care of Zoe's ticket home. Now we just have to trust the Lord to provide for Eli's ticket home.

Please stay tuned as we continue to share this next chapter in God's story for His glory through our lives. Zoe has such an amazing story to share that we are trying to be careful how we share it for now. She was previously adopted by a family in the US as a healthy child. Once they got her to the states they found out that she was not a healthy child and after having her in their home for a year they sent her back - can you imagine??? This breaks our hearts! Eli will be 12 next summer, is a very smart boy, and is very athletic. He had a heart condition as an infant, but that has been corrected now and he is completely healthy. Some kids his age get turned out of orphanages in China (from what we have been told). We look forward to making him a part of our family.

Please keep us in your prayers as we continue down this road. May God's will be done and to Him be the glory!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Recent pics of the kids

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We have taken a long break from the blog world, but are getting fired back up again. Mei is doing great. I wish we had been posting all along to keep this thing updated! We are also in the process of trying to adopt again. We are looking to adopt from China again and have an older boy and a little girl on our radar. We need prayer for much wisdom to know what to do. More to come