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The Zoo Kids
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Monday, June 29, 2015

Our Secret....

In September of 2013, this photo came across my computer.  It was sent to me by several adoptive mommas that knew we had Mei and thought he looked similar.  They asked me to help him find a family.  I would be lying if I didn't say I was broken from the get-go.  I know all to well what this little guys future in China looks like but I also know all too well what his potential is and how he would thrive in a family.  I began advocating for him.  I posted him on several Facebook pages, along with posting him on my own page.  I answered many questions from prospective parents about what life with this little guy would look like.  Many families reviewed his file...a couple even moved forward but then for one reason or another, had to back out.  This happened again and again and again over a two year period.  Tracey and I prayed throughout this two year period for this little guy, for his family to find him, and even prayed that if we were supposed to be his parents, that God would drop $35000 at our doorstep.  We honestly felt our prayers were pretty far fetched which kept us off the hook.  Our desire was not to adopt again.  We were certainly not looking for another child!!

In February of this year, we found out this little guy was again available.  Tracey and I decided we would pull his file and pray about our response, clearly praying that "God, if he's supposed to be ours, drop $35000 on our doorstep!!"  I posted on Facebook about him and said that if we had the money, we'd go get him in a heartbeat.  A couple days later, a Facebook friend, who honestly only knows us through Facebook, sent me a message and said, "Are you serious about adopting that little boy if you had the money?  We are too old to adopt a child that young but we do have the money.  If we funded your adoption, would you go get him?"....I had to step back and have a conversation with God that went something like this..."GOD!!!...are you kidding me right now????"  I told Tracey about the message and he said, "What do you do with that???  We have to move forward.  God gave us exactly what we asked for and we have to be obedient."

So...without further ado...I introduce you to our currently nameless Deavers child....His Chinese name is Lei, pronounced we are thinking Liam...

Here is what we know...God answered a huge prayer and we have to follow and see where it leads.  Adoption is a huge mountain of paperwork that could not even end in receiving this baby but we are taking the steps necessary and we will see what happens.  We know this world, the world of prosthetics and limb differences....we know how to parent a child like Mei...the give and the take and the delicate balance between enabling and encouraging independence.  We know that this is God's heart...we Know his future in China is grim at best.  He is considered unlucky there and would never have the opportunity to be educated or work or have a family.  He would be either doomed to an orphanage or turned over to the streets to beg.  These were the homeless we saw in China.  We know his chances of finding an adoptive family are super low.  Most families honestly want correctable special needs...nothing can be corrected here.  And boys with limb differences just wait longer than girls...don't know why, they just do!

There is a lot we don't know...a lot that honestly causes a bit of anxiety if we don't balance it with what we do know!  Every time we have begun to get anxious, God has provided us exactly what we needed to confirm this step of faith.  Obviously one more child adds more expense yet God has been so faithful to our family.  As Tracey preached yesterday...God is a good good father.  He has always provided before.  We know many will say, "Are you crazy?"  or "How will you care for another child?"  and our answer will be...yes,,,we are crazy!!  and we don't know...and that's what faith means.  Taking a step, not knowing how God will come through...but just knowing He will...and we are ok with that.

We would covet your prayers as we continue this process!  Thank you to our friends, our family, and our village for loving our family so well!  You have been the hands and feet of Jesus to our family and partnered with us to minister to orphans, provide them a family, educate them, and financially provide for them..and for that, we are eternally grateful!

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